The History of Paintball

A History of Paintball Packages at their very Best!! 

The history of paintball is one that reaches across the water to America, but here in the UK, Skirmish Paintball has been one of the true pioneers in paintball & paintballing packages. 
In Scotland you'll find that Skirmish Paintball has not only the largest game playing area, with sites in Edinburgh & Glasgow, but is also keeping that pioneering paintball spirit alive as they evolve, developing the very best in paintball game scenarios. 
Whether you just want a day of paintball mayhem, yielding, not cheap but the very best, in paintball guns & pistols. Or perhaps you're a bit more serious and yearn for some tactical paintball, and a chance to become a paintball sniper, within a team setting. 

Either way Skirmish Paintball Scotland has paintball packages & team building exercises to suit you. Skirmish Paintball Scotland is the perfect setting in which to develop your team either for the field or for the office. Know Skirmish, Know Paintball, Know Yourself.
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