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£10 non-refundable deposit is required in order to confirm booking

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The final balance payment is due 14 days before your booking date

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Rules for Paintball Players

  • The marshals instructions MUST BE followed at all times. Their ruling is final.
  • Please DO NOT shoot at the marshals, they invariably do not like it.
  • Players MUST wear face masks when instructed to do so and MUST NOT remove them at any point whilst in the games zones.
  • Players MUST NOT climb on the barricades or trees in the game zones.
  • Players MUST NOT touch another player's equipment at any time.
  • Profanity, name calling or slurs against other players WILL NOT be tolerated.
  • Players failing to comply with the above rules WILL BE ejected from the game and site.

Additional Information

  • All marshals are fully trained to the high competition level of Skirmish.
  • First Aid staff are on site at all times.
  • Full insurance held.
  • All food served on site is supplied by local companies.
  • Risk assessment available on request.

At Skirmish Paintball Scotland we take pride in your safety.